Healing can be a Journey

Helping people on the road to pain-free feet is both our business and our passion. It is our great joy to find the right shoes, with the right fit, to aid in healing and pain relief. We take time to measure every foot thoroughly and discuss your needs, complications and style preferences to make sure that you get what you need. That might be orthotics or arch supports or just a new pair of running shoes. Whatever your shoe needs, we work with you.

But, it is important to remember that it can be a process. Hardly anything in life happens overnight and the same goes for healing and pain relief. It can occasionally be a bumpy road of trial and error, ups and downs. Very often, people see results and healing right away when they get their new shoes. For others, it can take some time.


You might walk out of here feeling great, with new shoes on and maybe new arch supports. Then, in a couple of weeks, something might not feel right again.  Sometimes, we need to make adjustments. You might be able to correct the issue with new socks or focusing on the way you walk. But you might need to come visit us again so we can sort out the issue. Usually, whatever the problem is, we can figure out what is going on and take care of it.

Occasionally, as your feet heal and correct, you may feel discomfort because you don’t need the same level of support that you once did. This is a good thing! This means your feet are improving! If that is the case, we will celebrate with you as we reevaluate your shoe needs and get you refitted with the correct arch supports or orthotics.

Whether you experience pain relief right away or are on a longer journey, we are here to help.

Let us keep you company as you travel down the road towards pain-free feet!

Come visit us today to start the journey.

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