Shoe Fit

Technical Shoe Fit: What to Expect

  • Accurately measured every time!
  • Comfortable on all parts of the foot!
  • Customized to serve your needs!

Fit is so important to us because feet are so essential! Feet are the foundation of the body. When you put shoes on, the shoes become the foundation. If either one is faulty, everything above the foot may be compromised, including ankles, knees, hips and back.

The foot is fitted by measuring the arch and toe length with a Brannock Device (the industry’s best device for accurate measurements). When fitting, we measure toe and arch length, which enables us to put the widest part of the foot (the ball) in the widest part of the shoe allowing the foot to move naturally. Shoes that are structured (designed to bend at the ball of the foot) need to be fit to the arch, rather than the toe. When you hold a shoe by the heel and toes, then bend it, it should bend behind the toes and in front of the arch.

Another step in the process is to balance the foot in the shoe with arch support and postings, if needed. Not everyone will need these extras but those with certain conditions will benefit from them. It is important to remember that these extra supports must be fitted to the shoe. To buy an arch support in order to treat foot, ankle knee, hip or back problems and then put the arch support into a shoe that does not fit the arch is not an effective way to eliminate pain.

We always do our best to make sure the fit is accurate, comfortable and customized for your foot!