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Birkenstocks & Shoe Repair

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Leaves change, life changes; Birkenstock stands the test of time. Konrad Birkenstock invented and manufactured the original Birkenstock contoured footbed in Germany in 1897 – that’s a century long tradition of dependable quality and comfort! Birkenstock is one of Cobbler Bill’s most trusted brands. The Birkenstock Footbed Cobbler Bill’s is proud to carry Birkenstocks because of the […]

Love your Feet!

love your feet

Valentine’s Day is coming and love is in the air. Here at Cobbler Bill’s, that makes us think of….what else? Healthy feet! Our focus is always about helping people relieve foot pain through proper footwear. This is a great time to think about how to best love your feet. When you love your feet, so […]

Healing can be a Journey

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Helping people on the road to pain-free feet is both our business and our passion. It is our great joy to find the right shoes, with the right fit, to aid in healing and pain relief. We take time to measure every foot thoroughly and discuss your needs, complications and style preferences to make sure […]

Listen to the Little Things

listen to your feet

Don’t ignore what your feet are trying to tell you! Obvious pain of even small imperfections, like calluses, often indicates imbalances that can lead to injury.  Like the old saying goes, “A House without a Strong Foundation is Likely to Crumble.”  We’ve put together a list of a few warning signs that will let you know […]

Back to School Foot Pain


Students are not the only ones putting their feet back into shoes after a summer of flip flops or any other footwear that does not bind the feet. Even those that wear supportive sandals can experience pain when going back into shoes that do not fit or support. Of course, best case scenario, we would […]

Travel the World in Comfort

July blog Paris

We received a wonderful photo from a customer who took Cobbler Bill’s shoes to France with him! This gentleman was having difficulty finding quality shoes for his trip that would not cause him pain while he traveled. He had been shopping for 3 months without any luck and was thinking of canceling his trip! It’s […]

Walk your way to Healthy Feet!

Dec blog

People come to us with a wide variety of foot issues. Most problems can be aided with good shoes and proper support. But we have also found that keeping active goes a long way towards decreasing foot pain and increasing overall health. Exercise keeps your muscles toned and strong so they can support your entire […]