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Will I ever get over my foot pain?

Yes, but once you have had problems with your feet, you always need to be vigilant about making sure you have the best fit for you. That is the best way to keep them pain-free!

Why is this shoe fit longer than what I’ve been wearing?

Most shoes are not the size they say they are. We measure each foot to ensure the best fit for you. We fit to the arch, which is a more precise method. Arch length is usually longer than toe and every step you take, your arches drop and extend. If you fit to the longest toe length only, the shoe will be too short for the little toe, too narrow for the big toes, and your arch will not extend the way it was designed to. Your arch acts like a bridge to absorb the shock and weight when walking so we always fit to the arch.

Do other people have foot problems like mine?

The short answer is yes: many people have problems with their feet. Most often, this is caused by poorly fitted footwear, heredity, injuries and various other medical conditions, such as diabetes or gout.

Can I wear my fashionable shoes, like high heels?

You can- for short durations- as long as they don’t hurt your feet, ankles, knees, hips or back. If your pain is severe, it is important to wear the best shoes and fit to ensure the best healing process. Once your feet are out of pain, then you can expand to fashionable shoes for short durations.

Isn’t foot pain normal?

No! Foot pain comes from wearing shoes that fit poorly and/or are non-supportive or if you have a severe medical condition. No one should have to endure foot pain. Cobbler Bill’s is committed to helping eliminate foot pain for many different foot concerns.

Do I need additional arch supports in my shoes?

It depends on your foot. First, you need to get shoes that fit your arch and then you may or may not need arch support. Some people feel more comfortable with the support, some not. There are always people who absolutely need support. We carry a wide selection of arch supports, if needed.

What causes corns and calluses?

They are caused by friction and pressure, usually from improperly fitted footwear or lack of arch support. We can help eradicate both of these problems by getting you the right shoes for your feet.

Will I always need my orthotics or arch supports?

While you may get to a point where you may not need them, you may still benefit from them. You may be pain-free without them but they may help you not to reinjure yourself. It depends on how much you exercise your feet and what type of problem you are having. When you come visit us, we can help you trouble-shoot these questions. We love to hear from our customers so check back in and we can help you determine if you still need your orthotics or arch supports.

Why does my custom-made orthotic not work for me?

You may have the best orthotic for your foot but if it is placed in the wrong footwear, it can sometimes only relieve pain temporarily or it can actually cause pain. When the pain comes back, it can be worse and take longer to heal. Making sure you have the right shoes to go with your orthotic will help tremendously.

How long will it take to relieve my pain when I get properly fitted shoes?

This varies greatly. Relief can be anywhere from becoming immediately pain-free to a long process of slow healing. It depends on the severity and length of pain in the beginning and your individual response. We always continue to work with people over time as their needs dictate, until they are pain-free! If your pain continues, after you have your new shoes, come back and see us!

How long will it take to relieve SEVERE foot pain, once I get a proper fit?

The shoes and arch supports, that help you begin the healing process from SEVERE foot pain, may be wrong for you later in the process. Feet can and do evolve, therefore footwear needs to change. So, once again, the time line can vary. As your feet relax from years of tension, they can actually realign themselves. Everyone is unique. Your feet may also benefit from chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, or a combination of all, depending on your response.