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It’s been a long day and your feet hurt! Both you and your spouse or partner did everything you could do for your achy feet.  You both wore your best sandals and shoes with good arch supports and you even tried to give your feet a break, when you could. But now, both of you are just looking for a little extra foot relief at the end of the day.  How about some mutually reciprocated foot massages?

There are several ways to give a proper foot massage but if it’s your first time, you should remember you’re not an expert and should defer to the person whose foot you’re holding.  That said, it can’t hurt to try! You both deserve a little extra care.

What follows are a few techniques which can be done in a series for increased foot comfort:

  • Stroking: Hold the foot with both hands and apply a firm stroking motion with both of your thumbs.  This technique stimulates circulation and warms the feet.
  • Ankle Rotations: Roll the foot gently, with both hands, until any stiffness in the foot recedes. Try rolling it in both directions.
  • Toe pulls and squeezes: Gently pull the toes out, one at a time. It’s very calming to the feet and body.
  • Toe slides: Insert your finger between each of the toes to relax the feet.
  • Arch press: In this, you use the heel of your hand and roll it along the arch of the foot in the arches of the foot.  This technique reduces tension in the arches of your foot.
  • Stroking, repeated: This step is identical to the first step described above, and is the final step.

Now trade places! You can keep going back and forth, or even massage each other’s feet at the same time, until you both feel some relief and relaxation. These should be a great way to start your new massage schedule. Feels like living in the lap of luxury, doesn’t it?  Have fun and enjoy!