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Valentine’s Day is coming and love is in the air. Here at Cobbler Bill’s, that makes us think of….what else? Healthy feet! Our focus is always about helping people relieve foot pain through proper footwear. This is a great time to think about how to best love your feet.

When you love your feet, so much more life is possible! You can travel, explore, and spend time with people you love. Your quality of life increases when you stop tolerating pain and start loving your feet!

love your feet

Love your feet and they will love you back!

Taking care of our feet should be part of regular life. There are many ways to show your feet a little love.

  • You can try massaging them- either do it yourself or trade with a friend or spouse.
  • Wear good quality socks that wick away moisture.
  • Keep your toenails clipped and in good repair
  • And, as always, wear good quality shoes!

foot massage

Listen to your feet

You can show your feet some love by listening when they tell you that something isn’t quite right. You may be inclined to put up with a little foot pain but we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! Our feet communicate with us, telling us when something is wrong. Pain is a signal from our feet to our brain that something isn’t right and it’s our job to listen!

Foot pain can be caused by many different issues but can most commonly be solved by wearing properly-fitted shoes with adequate support! Food pain from ill-fitting shoes is NOT normal and can lead to more serious problems down the road. The longer you wait to remedy the problem, the longer it will take to heal and, chances are, the more expensive the treatment will be. If you begin to develop corns or bunions or even plantar fasciitis, proper footwear can often correct the issue before it becomes serious. However, waiting until the problems become more acute often means a few doctor visits and more expensive foot support, in addition to longer healing time.

Come Visit Us!

The expert staff, here at Cobbler Bill’s, can help you to show your feet some love. We can help you find the right pair of shoes to relieve pain. We also perform shoe repairs and can get you fitted for arch supports and orthotics. Visit www.cobblerbills.com to learn more!