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Students are not the only ones putting their feet back into shoes after a summer of flip flops or any other footwear that does not bind the feet. Even those that wear supportive sandals can experience pain when going back into shoes that do not fit or support. Of course, best case scenario, we would wear supportive footwear all year round. Most people’s arches really do need it!

Healthy, Strong Feet


NPR recently ran an interesting article called “Golden Arches: Human Feet More Flexible Than We Thought”. In the article, they discuss some findings that not all feet need strong, stiff arch support and that some feet benefit from more flexibility. While they make some interesting points, we feel that the article does not take all feet into consideration. In our opinion, they are talking about normal, healthy, strong feet.


And for the rest of us…


Through our 37 years in this business, we have found that healthy, strong feet are actually pretty rare. Most of us have worn poor fitting, unsupportive footwear for too many years and we now need more structure. We believe that there are so many different types of arches, that it is not possible to have a single answer to any issue. Like so many different human traits, foot support is never a “one size fits all” situation. One high, flexible arch needs to be completely supported while the next only needs moderate to no support. One flat foot might have no arch, while the next needs good support.


Give yourself support


Give your feet the gift of proper arch support this fall. Come into Cobbler Bill’s to check out our fall selection of stylish, comfortable supportive shoes for all types of feet. We always measure and give a custom fit to make sure the shoes work for you. We also have arch support inserts that can be tailored to your foot. Come see us to get the support you need!