New Shoes Cure the Winter Blues!

The end of winter is in sight! We are all getting ready for spring blossoms and warmer, longer days. In the meantime, Cobbler Bill’s is here to cure those winter blues!

Late winter all too often means long, cold days with cold, wet feet stuck in worn out, uncomfortable shoes. People trudge through daily activities, putting up with shoes that are old, don’t fit well or let water and cold air in. But, there is no need to walk around with pain or discomfort! Let us help!

We are fully stocked with many styles of shoes and boots to get you looking good and feeling fine as we head towards spring. Our friendly staff is always on hand to discuss your shoe needs, whether you have an unusual size or health issue or your shoe wardrobe just needs a new addition! We are here to help. We always measure your feet and make sure you walk away with a stylish pair of shoes that fits your feet perfectly.

So turn that frown upside down!  Come in out of the cold and get those feet warmed up with some stylish new shoes from Cobbler Bills. Cure those winter blues with a brand new pair of shoes!


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