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A disease that affects millions, diabetes can lead to certain complications concerning the feet. They are especially susceptible to injury for diabetics and must have extra care and attention. It’s best for any diabetic to have properly-fitted shoes, whether you have complications or not. In fact, it’s better to not wait until you have a problem to care for your feet.

Diabetes can lead to two major problems for the feet: nerve damage and poor blood flow. Nerve damage in your feet is dangerous because you may not realize if your feet are in pain, are hot or cold. As diabetics lose sensation in their feet, they tend to wear tight shoes, so they can feel their feet more, which then exacerbates problems like calluses and corns. This is why it is even more important to wear shoes that fit well, to minimize any possible foot discomfort. Taking good care of your feet, by keeping nails trimmed and calluses, bunions and corns to a minimum, is another important step toward healthy feet. If there is nerve damage, a callus could go unnoticed. Untreated calluses can turn into ulcers, or open sores on people with diabetes. Ulcers can lead to more serious foot problems; it’s best to see a doctor immediately under those circumstances.  Wearing comfortable, properly-fitted shoes greatly minimizes the instances of calluses, bunions and corns, as well.

Poor blood flow (or circulation) can lead to serious complications like sores and infections so having roomy, comfortable shoes is important to increasing circulation, as best you can. Good shoes also help add incentive to get out and exercise, which can greatly improve blood flow! Even a daily walk around the neighborhood, in comfy shoes, can really help. The American Diabetes Association recommends getting good exercise, eating a low-fat diet and to “walk in good, sturdy, comfortable shoes*” for better blood circulation in the feet.

Of course, it is so important to work with your doctor to improve your health and maintain your diabetes with medication, diet and exercise. However, good shoes can be a major step towards maintaining good health. Come see us today to get the right shoes for your needs.

* http://www.diabetes.org/living-with-diabetes/complications/foot-complications.html