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We received a wonderful photo from a customer who took Cobbler Bill’s shoes to France with him! This gentleman was having difficulty finding quality shoes for his trip that would not cause him pain while he traveled. He had been shopping for 3 months without any luck and was thinking of canceling his trip! It’s no use traveling far and wide, only to be in pain the whole time.

He came in to see us and Bill got him properly fitted. He had been struggling to find the right fit for his feet at other stores so Bill took the time to measure properly and listen to his foot concerns, to make sure the fit was correct. He also added extra support to the shoes, to ensure maximum comfort and support. Once he had the shoes he needed, our customer could travel without worrying about pain and discomfort.

Traveling invariably involves a lot of walking: around the airport, between trains and around the places you visit. It is crucial to have supportive shoes that you can count on, especially when you are in an unfamiliar place. It is even more important if you have any chronic foot issues or pain.

Once our customer reached the Eiffel Tower, he was kind enough to snap a photo of his shoes with the iconic monument in view. Proof positive that Cobbler Bill’s keeps you in comfortable footwear so you can go anywhere and do anything! Pain-free all over the world!