Traveling with Sensitive Feet

We firmly believe that foot pain or specialty foot issues should not keep you from pursuing what you love in this life! Whether you want to hike, play sports or travel the world, we want to provide you with the foot comfort to make it all possible.

Traveling with Diabetes

We have had people with diabetes come talk to us about their options for travel. They want to see the world but find it difficult to walk very far with the foot issues that can come with diabetes. Traveling invariably involves a lot of walking, whether it is walking through airports or just sight-seeing. Many people with diabetes suffer from nerve damage and/or poor circulation in the feet. This can make even short walks painful or uncomfortable.

Many doctors recommend that people with diabetes wear shoes especially made for this purpose. There are many lines of diabetic shoes out there that ease discomfort and offer increased support. However, we have found, over the course of our nearly 39 years in business, that it is actually shoe fit that matters the most. Most people with diabetes (who have not had ulcers) do not need a special orthopedic shoe.

If the Shoe Fits…             

Every foot is different. That is why we always take time to measure your feet and discuss your needs with you, to find the right pair of shoes. When you come to see us, tell us about your daily routine and also about your travel plans! We can determine what shoes will best suit your needs. Sometimes, people with diabetes need shoes with deeper toe boxes or perhaps the addition of inserts. We can align your shoes so that they relieve pressure and keep blood circulating.



This photo came from a customer who took his Cobbler Bill’s shoes with him to Europe!Learn more about the best shoes for traveling by clicking here.










Socks Count!

We also find that good quality socks can help with diabetic foot issues. Invest in well-made socks that wick away moisture while offering some cushion. Long walks, during travel, can cause blisters and sweaty, sore feet without proper footwear. Find socks that have a loose elastic band, to help maximize circulation.

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Sometimes, it can take a little while to figure out the best shoes for your feet. Be sure to get your new shoes a few months prior to travel so that you can try them out. Come back and see us if they don’t seem quite right or if you are still having pain. Small adjustments can sometimes make all the difference.

We are with you for the journey!

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