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People come to us with a wide variety of foot issues. Most problems can be aided with good shoes and proper support. But we have also found that keeping active goes a long way towards decreasing foot pain and increasing overall health. Exercise keeps your muscles toned and strong so they can support your entire frame. There is scientific evidence that exercise helps to strengthen your bones as well! Losing weight can decrease foot pain and joint strain so getting your body moving is great for that reason too. Exercise is beneficial for so many reasons, not the least of which is helping to keep your feet pain-free!



Walking is one of the most important exercises you can do for your feet. It uses every muscle in your body without putting too much strain on any one area. Walking strengthens the muscles in the legs, ankles and feet to help support you better and prevent injury. Just make sure to stretch well before and after your walks including runner’s lunges and calf raises. This keeps the ligaments around your feet flexible and prevents some swelling and soreness after exercise.

There are lots of easy ways to increase the amount of walking that you do. Just think of your everyday activities and try to include walking in them. Try parking your car at the very end of parking lots and walk to the stores. Instead of going out for coffee with a friend to chat, take a long walk together. You can even download books onto an mobile device and listen to them while you walk! There are many options to incorporate walking into your life. We live in a very walkable city. Click here to get some free walking maps of Portland.

Is it important to keep exercising, even in winter. With proper raingear and the right shoes and socks, you can walk year-round in Oregon! Select a good pair of thick socks to pad, warm and protect your feet. Shoes should be fitted properly to your feet and should provide the arch and ankle support you need. No two pairs of feet are alike so it’s important to get good quality walking shoes that are well-suited to your feet. Come into Cobbler Bill’s to get fitted for a good pair of walking shoes so you can keep walking your way to health all winter long!

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