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All of us have tried shopping online at one point or another. For some things, like music or movies, it works well. You know what to expect and that is what you get. However, when it comes to your feet, no website will be able to tell you if the shoes you are buying are the right ones for you. The fit, comfort and style may not be apparent from a computer screen and, weeks later, when they arrive in the mail, all you get is disappointment. There is no question about it: when it’s time to buy shoes, a personal experience is best.


When you come into the store, your personal shoe needs are of immediate concern. We go over style, use, comfort and special needs. We never ask what your shoe size is but, instead, we always measure for a precise fit. If you have special foot concerns, need orthotics or arch supports, we will help you find the right one for you. We are here to help eliminate foot pain and get you on the path toward healthy, comfortable, stylish feet. There is nothing better than a hands-on analysis with immediate feedback like being fit in a store.


This process would be tedious at best on line, including the back and forth returns.  Even though you might need to return to us, we can get a better sense of what you need with face to face communication.  Small but important information can come up in conversation, especially when we’re talking about technical fit for specific problems.  It’s just a lot easier to get dialed in on comfort at a store whether or not you have problems. So, come visit Cobbler Bill’s to get the personal attention and service that your feet deserve!