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Our Summer Sale is Coming!


Don’t worry- we are still going to have our annual summer sale! This year, our sale will run from August 1st-22nd and we will have lots of great styles available for sale. Mark your calendars. We will see you then!


Got the Travel Bug? Get your Traveling Shoes!

Summer is officially here and it’s a great time to take a trip. Many folks are taking vacations near and far. Where are you headed?

Traveling with comfortable shoes

Whether you are going somewhere local, like Bend or Newport, or traveling the world the proper travel shoes are always a must-have. Traveling usually means lots of walking- in airports, while sightseeing, etc. The proper walking shoes are key to vacation comfort! There’s nothing like walking the cobblestone streets of Europe while taking in the scenery and culture… just make sure you enjoy it to the fullest with comfy shoes that fit you just right.

Cobbler Bill’s is fully stocked with walking shoes and sandals for all occasions in many different styles and sizes. We measure every foot and work with you to make sure your shoes are right for you. We can even add arch support and orthotics to any pair of shoes so that just about anyone can take a stroll along the promenade!

Remember: flimsy flip-flops are not enough for summer support and are a recipe to getting sore or hurt feet while on vacation! Sturdy, stylish shoes or sandals are the key to maximizing relaxation and enjoyment on vacation.

We recommend taking your new shoes or sandals on a few test walks around town before you leave for your trip(s). Then you can make sure that they will serve your purposes for the future. Comfy shoes are the key to happy vacation feet… unless you are basking on the beach barefoot!

Come see us to get the right traveling shoes for you.

We are open Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-4pm. See you soon!