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As an independent, locally-minded shoe store, we would prefer to sell shoes made only in the US. There would be more jobs for our citizens, and we would use less fuel to get the shoes here. Unfortunately, New Balance and other US-based shoe manufacturers do not make enough of the right type of shoes that benefit our customers. So, we have to compromise.

Shoes from China vary greatly in quality. A few years ago, China quit subsidizing their lowest quality manufacturers, so their shoe quality is slowly improving. Shoes made in China cost about a third less than shoes made in Germany and the US, which makes them more affordable.

We have had customers tell us that it is well worth paying a little more for a good quality shoe that fits them properly, rather than to go through two or three pairs of shoes that don’t last as long and don’t do the job of getting them pain-free.

Our primary goal is getting people pain-free, in the best quality shoes they can afford. We offer shoes from various parts of the world, including the US, Germany and China. However, the quality of shoes WE carry are always excellent and help us achieve our goals for our customers.