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Birkenstock in actionphoto thanks to Birkenstock USA

Everyone here at Cobbler Bill’s LOVES Birkenstocks. They have an easy, relaxed style and a comfortable fit. The contoured footbed molds to your foot over time and they offer great support for summer activities. However, they do need a little care once in a while. There are a couple tips and tricks to caring for your Birks properly. Make your shoes last with a little bit of TLC!

Prevent Summer Damage

Keep your Birks out of direct sunlight and extreme heat to avoid damage. The soles can shrink if left in a hot, sunny place (like inside your car). When you aren’t wearing them, just be sure to store them inside where it’s cooler.

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Air-Dry Only

If they get wet, allow them to air-dry slowly. This will preserve the shoe longer and prevent it from warping. Place them somewhere with good ventilation and out of direct, intense sunlight.

Take them in for Repairs

Birkenstocks are totally repairable! With the proper repairs, these versatile sandals can last for many many years. We can replace or repair soles, fix straps, adjust and repair the heels and more. Bring your Birks into Cobbler Bill’s for a tune-up!

Wherever your summer feet take you, take your Birkenstocks with you!