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Summer has officially left us and, while we are sorry to see it go, we look forward to a beautiful fall and a cozy winter this year. We love to put on our fuzzy, warm slippers and enjoy the comforts of home, when the weather is wet and cold. However, there are those times when we have to venture out into the wet Northwest winter and we like to be prepared! That is why we weatherproof our shoes and boots before the winter rains hit.



Waterproofing is a fairly easy process (about as easy as a shoe shine) and will offer your feet protection from the weather and will extend the life of your shoes or boots! It is most crucial to waterproof leather and suede shoes but all types of shoes can benefit from this protection. Water destruction can damage and crack leather as well as leave stains behind. Plus, when you get out of the car and step right into a puddle, you’ll be glad for that protection.

We recommend two products for caring for shoes in winter. We carry Meltonian, a water-proofing product that also protects against stains. This is an excellent spray that you can apply as often as needed (we recommend about once a month or so, depending on how much time you spend outside). We also carry Vectra spray, a stain protector that is easy to apply and will keep your shoes from discoloring if they do get wet.


Shoes should be cleaned prior to waterproofing, as the protectant will stick much better to a clean, dry surface. This is also a good time to check your shoes over to see if they are still in good condition or if they are in need of repair. For tips on how to examine your shoes for signs of wear and tear, please click here . If you find the process to be too much hassle, feel free to bring them into us! Our waterproofing service will keep your shoes in tip top shape all winter long!