Pro Tips for a Long-lived Shoe!

We are happy to see a renewed interest in shoe repair! Most shoes and boots are repairable and WORTH repairing!  We love to repair footwear so you can sport your favorites for many years.  We wanted to clue you in to some of the professional ways we care for your footwear when it is in the shop.  There is the initial physical repair, of course, but what we want to talk about today is the care and shining.  These are tricks you can use at home to keep your footwear looking great and it adds to the longevity of the uppers as well!

Step 1: You need to clean your footwear before polishing.  As odd as this may sound, we clean with Windex.  It’s an inexpensive and safe way of getting them clean.  You may also wipe with a damp cloth.

Step 2: We use Tarrago crème polishes for most of our polishing.   This is the best crème polish Bill has found in all of his 36 years in the shoe business.  The crème very moist, has great pigment, and comes in a variety of colors.   Because it is such a luxurious crème, it does a great job of conditioning the leather also!

Step 3: The Tarrago crème is lanolin-based and will attract dust to it, so we go over it with Lincoln neutral wax.  For a high shine, we then use a spray. Warning: do not use the spray without first using a crème to condition! This will damage your shoes. For many light colored leathers, we recommend the Cadillac Boot and Shoe Care lotion which cleans, conditions, and shines.

Now your shoes or boots are looking fine and you are ready to go out in style!

You can try these techniques at home or bring them to us for a professional job, along with our expert repairs. Keeping up on repairs and care will keep your favorite pair on your feet as long as possible! Our goal is to keep your feet happy and looking good!


Pro Tips for a Long-lived Shoe!

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  1. Thanks for making walking more enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

    Terry McCann March 5, 2012 at 8:35 pm #
    • Thanks, Terry! :) Happy walking!

      Cobbler Bill March 6, 2012 at 11:48 am #

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