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Wear and tear on a pair of shoes is quite normal. We lead busy lives, doing a wide range of activities out and about in the world. This takes a natural toll on our footwear. However, there are ways to prevent some shoe breakdown. A few easy tricks can help you prolong the longevity of your shoes!



Of course, the first step is always the same: purchase shoes that fit properly.  This assures that shoes bend in the places designed to bend while providing the greatest support to feet.  When shoes are not properly fit, they are forced to bend in places not designed to bend and this accelerates breakdown and wear. So, first get the right shoes for your feet.


— Prevent breakdown by alternating footwear. If your shoes normally last one year, buy a new pair when the first pair is 6 months old. By alternating, your feet will tell you when the older pair is worn out.


— Maintain your shoes by not letting the heels or soles wear down by more than a quarter inch. If the bottoms get excessively worn, the shoes can twist out of shape and lose their support. Prevent wear on the bottoms with an inexpensive product called Freesole. It’s a liquid urethane and normally wears better than the original material. It is easy to apply, comes with easy to follow instructions and costs only about ten dollars.

— If you’ve been wearing your shoes for a while, you can look at them to detect a wear pattern. If the fit is off or if you are prone to roll your shoes over the inside or outside (called Pronation and Supination, respectively), they need to be altered and repaired. Most shoes in this condition will need extra support and wedging to bring things back into balance.


—  Bill recommends bringing your shoes in for a “check-up”, about 3-4 months after you buy them. He can help you detect the wear pattern and determine if they need any preventive work to help them last longer. Bring your shoes in to Cobbler Bill’s Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm and Saturdays 10am-5pm and we will help you prolong the life of your shoes!


Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to prolonging the investment you made in your high-quality, custom-fit shoes. If you have questions about your shoes or feet, leave a comment below or give us a call at 503-744-9944