Build-ups to Even out!

Everyone knows that Cobbler Bill’s does all kinds of shoe repair. You may have brought us a pair of shoes that needed new stitching or a new sole. But did you know that we also do complex, specialty repairs?


One of these special repair types is called Build-Ups. These are mostly for people with leg length discrepancies but we can also help correct over-supination and pronation and help ease the pressure caused by Metatarsalgia, bunions and other issues.

Build-ups can open up a whole new world of fashion! :)


Leg Length Discrepancies


We do up to 10-15 major Build-Ups repair jobs per month. Build-Ups can vary widely in size, depending on your needs. The largest Bill has ever done was a whopping 7 inches high! However, it is worth fixing even very small discrepancies (even 2mm) to help improve your gait. It can greatly increase your comfort level and reduce the pain of walking with ill-fitting shoes.


The trick to doing Build-Ups properly is getting the appropriate curvature of the sole (also called the rocker) and keeping it as light weight as possible. Since the sole is thicker, it is also stiffer.  It takes experience to get this exactly right.  Bill has a lot of experience (39 years) with this, which is advantageous for such a tricky technique!


Other Uses


Rocker Soles are not just for people with leg discrepancies. They are also extremely helpful for people who need pressure off-loaded at the ball of the foot or heel because of pain caused by Metatarsalgia, Neuromas, Bruised heels, or Bunions.  We put on a new sole that contours in such a way you roll off your foot from heel to toe, which off loads pressure & relieves pain.


We build Bolsters inside shoes for people who roll their shoes to the inside or outside to the extreme (extreme over-pronation or supination). We guarantee the bolster can stop you from rolling your shoes over. It can take time, but it makes a great difference in comfort and mobility.


Come into Cobbler Bill’s today to talk to Bill about your shoe needs. We specialize in providing comfort for all types of unusual feet. Call us today with your questions at (503) 774-9944


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