Prepare for the Seasons! Our team can Help!


We wanted to remind everyone to get your favorite shoes ready for the coming months. Bring your shoes and boots to us for repair and winterizing! Our crew members Bill, Jean, Barry, and Chris all participate in facets of shoe repairing, as well as the selling of shoes. They all have their specialties.


Bill, of course, can do just about anything, when it comes to shoe repair.  Barry is a wiz at sewing and shoe repair. Chris and Jean do a little of everything including the much-needed task of picking out old stitches on shoes before they are hand sewn or machine stitched. They also grind old soles in preparation for new ones, and of course they are masters at the final phase- polishing. We want to get just the right color that will make your shoes look beautiful!



Our crew always likes to keep your favorite footwear up and running for as long as possible! We work together to keep your feet happy and healthy, whether that is restoring and repairing your favorite shoes or boots or helping you fit into a new pair! Come see us today!


Learn how to tell when your shoes need repair by clicking here. Bill does boot stretching as well! Learn more here! If you have questions, leave a comment below or on our Facebook page!


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