Give the Gift of Comfort!

This year, why not give someone you love the gift of pain-free feet? Here at Cobbler Bill’s, we work hard to ensure that each person who comes in our shop walks away with a better understanding of their feet and how to keep them healthy. We love to help people get more comfortable, well-fitting shoes that are tailored to their feet.

Do you know someone with unusual feet or with a foot condition? Or just someone who stands on their feet all day? Get them a gift certificate to Cobbler Bill’s!

We always measure every pair of feet before we find the right shoes for them. So, a gift certificate is the best option to make sure your loved one gets the right fit. We can make out the certificate to be any amount you want to give. You can always jazz it up with some cozy socks or new shoelaces!

Come into Cobbler Bill’s today to pick up a gift certificate for your favorite people. See you soon!

Give yourself a Treat too!

Don’t forget to treat yourself, this holiday season! It’s a good time of year to get good walking shoes for all those errands, parties and socials. You might be standing around socializing or walking all over the mall or even standing in the kitchen for extended periods.  People are running all over the place in December so it is easy to get tired and overwhelmed. But, with good shoes, you can conserve your energy and end the day without pain. We have a great selection of walking shoes here at the store. Come down and take a look. We will send you home with the perfect pair for all your holiday activities!

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